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Part Time, PRN, and Per Diem positions


From picking up an occasional shift in order to earn a little extra money to finding part-time jobs that fit with your personal schedule and commitments.  Aprisa Direct Healthcare Staffing has a wide variety of quality Part-Time and Per Diem/PRN jobs for Nurses, Physicians, Therapist, and Allied professionals.


Part-Time and Per Diem/PRN jobs are temporary positions that will last for a short period of time – anywhere from a single shift to two or three weeks in length.  They are a great way for you to gain extra experience, pick-up additional shifts during your off time, or experience the work dynamics of a facility before taking a long-term or full-time job.


Advantages of these jobs are:

  • Flexibility – work when you want

  • Immediacy – doesn’t require a lot of lead time or advance planning

  • Filling Gaps – from extra shifts to filling time between jobs

  • Near Home – jobs are no travel or relocation required



Want to learn more about our PRN/Per Diem job opportunities?  Contact us and find out where you can be placed!  210-840-4601

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